What We Do

Audio System Upgrading

As it is the main aid for the mosque’s operation:

1)The transfer of knowledge between the preachers/trainers or speakers to the audience will become more effective (psycho acoustic),

2)Unnecessary hefty expenditure due to wrong audio equipment purchase could be eliminate, and

Reciting the holy Quran would be more beautiful and near resemblance of the Masjidil Haram and Masjidil Nabawi.

Human Capacity Development Program (HCDP)

  1. Create a knowledgeable & empowered community
  2. The mosque will be an efficient community program hub with organized management from the mosque committee, and
  3. Empower the future generations with skills and knowledge that will enable the children to lift families out of poverty.

Food Packs

  1. Healthy future generations from physical and emotional aspects,
  2. Encourage positive relationship between B40 families and the community, and
  3. Increase the opportunity for the children of B40 families to get a better education at school due to decent balance nutrition.