Who We Are

Why Mosque?

The mosque institution has great potential to become an effective community social activity centre for the Muslim and non-Muslim community as has been shown during the time of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Educational, sports, health, social, religious activities for instance, can be carried out in the mosque and its surrounding areas.

In a nutshell, the mosque institution has always been a centre for all community activities. It includes, but not limited to youth personality development programs and strengthening family and community institutions programs. These efforts are being carried out continuously in big city mosques in Malaysia. However, it is far lacking in the rural mosques because major obstacles facing these mosque institutions are amongst others, the limited financial capabilities, lack of expertise in certain fields and the poor basic infrastructure of the mosques itself including their main aid for masjid’s operation and activities, their Audio System.

Why Muazzin AV ?

As a company that focusses on mosque Audio Systems, Muazzin AV Retail & Services Sdn. Bhd. (Muazzin) received many requests from local communities to help improve their Audio System of their mosques. Since 2018, Muazzin had helped 80 mosques and 115 suraus to fulfil their urgent needs to have a good audio quality, sound clarity, easy-to-operate system and long-lasting equipment.
All these transactions are being done for well-funded mosques. Muazzin also received numerous requests from rural mosques, asking for the same requirement but sadly with insufficient funding. Based on this reality, Muazzin intends to implement a CSR initiative through Gema 100 Masjid (GEMA). We are inviting multiple donors to join us in this noble effort as part of your ‘Sedekah Jariah’ to other needy stakeholders in the community.

This program will be driven by Muazzin (staff and secretariat) and joint venture (JV) from external relevant parties.